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Parent conferences will be Thursday, October 26, from 1-4 and 5-7. Please plan on attending. Thursday will be a modified day, not Wednesday because of the conferences.
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Children of the Holocaust

Complete your organizer and summary based on one of the children assigned in this doc. Compare the child's experience to that of Elie's experience. How are the events similar, and how are they different. The information you gather will be used to complete on of the paragraphs in your essay.
If you would like to use a different child then the one assigned to you, click on the link in the doc. It will take you to the project page of the Museum of Tolerance. Find the link for the child you would like to use, and send it to me in an email so I can review it. My email, in case you cannot find it, is:

Timeline of the Holocaust

Reference this timeline, provided by the Museum of Tolerance, while completing your own timeline. The information you gather will be used to shape one of the paragraphs in your research essay. Make note of dates when the war began and ended, the number of Jewish citizens affected, and any other information you would include to summarize the events.

Quizzes/Tests for 7th and 8th

8th grade: Vocab./Grammar Quiz on Thursday. Greek Myth Test Friday.
7th grade: Vocab./Term Quiz on Thursday. Unit 7 Poem Quiz on Friday.

8th Grade Latin Roots 3

1. "Pan" meaning "All"  2. "Omnis" meaning "All"  3. "Holos" meaning "All"
4. "Totus" meaning "Whole"   5. "Claudo" meaning "Close"

8th Grade Latin Roots Week 2

Roots: Tri/Tres (Greek/Latin): three or thirds
Quartus/Quatuor (Greek/Latin): four or fourths
Decem: ten
Centum: hundred
Words: Centenary, Centigrade, Decathlon, Decimate, Quadrant, Quartet, Trilogy, Trisect, Triumvirate.